The Features of The SEJ Pack
Kindly Watch the Video above to learn more about the SEJ Pack and everything that you will find inside.

The SEJ Pack (Search Engine Joy) is Nigeria's No. 1 training course for young bloggers wannabe teaching How to create a profitable website and also for already existing bloggers Who wants to Boost their Website Traffic.

The Pack contains 2 Membership levels the PRO Level and the BASIC level.

THE PRO LEVEL (Recommended)This level gives you ultimate access to all the features and future updates of the SEJ Reloaded from website creation to boosting website traffic, Maximizing website earnings and full video course on Facebook Chatbot.

THE BASIC LEVEL (Trial Package)We call it the trial package because it provides just minor things inside the SEJ Pack mainly for newbies who just want to create a profitable website and set up other earnings strategies, it DOES NOT contain any Boosting Web Traffic methods.

However, BASIC Level members can always UPGRADE TO PRO in other to enjoy its features, bear it in mind that the Upgrade Page only works for BASIC Level users, if you are a non-existing customer you have to follow the Registration Process Into The SEJ for you to enjoy all it holds.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Here are some of the questions people have asked from our Facebook group, We decided to answer them in Videos just for you to understand how best we are for you to succeed.
How do i receive the SEJ After Payment?
If you paid via the online PayStack payment, you would be redirected to the members are, but if you used bank transfer it would be sent to your email.
I am a new, How do i create a profitable website ?
Being a newbie has not effect while using the SEJ Coaching program, it is very newbie friendly and you have all our supports. 
Will this Boost My Website Earnings?
It will definitely boost your traffic from the country-targeted traffic you can send to your website.
How Do i use the Facebook Chatbot?
The Facebook Chatbot takes a full section in the SEJ members area, so we took time to explain everything.
Will the SEO Traffic Affect My Website?
No, the Search Traffic methods are verified methods, they would not affect your website. 
Will it Work for Any Website? 
Yes, it works for all kind of websites from Blogger, Wix, Wordpress, custom made and other scripts
How Long do i Start Noticing Changes?
Changes takes effect immediately for  others but the Search Engine Optimization takes 4days to 2weeks and more 
How do i Contact You Guys? 
You can always contact us by emailing [email protected] or you follow the support link below this video
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