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We are professionals in this, and we can meet up in less than 2weeks to 1month your website should be ranking, and for website creation it wouldn't take us 7days to finish its build and branding..

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Why Should We do it for you?
We understand how busy you may be, or due to errors-scare and professionalism you may need the support from our staffs to professionally and expressly DELIVER your website and traffic so you can immediately start the earning process.
This is What you get::: 
  • We Pick a Niche for You based on research (#46,700)
  • We work together to Pick a Matching Domain (#15,700)
  • We Cover Domain & Hosting Purchase for first Year + SSL (#40,000)
  • We Make Keyword Research on hot topics for the Niche (#41,200)
  • We Install And Set Up Wordpress with Premium Themes (#34,950
  • We Install Premium Tools & Plugins (#17,000)
  • We Design and Set up Logos, Icons & Banners (#31,000)
  • Create &  Design Social Accounts (Facebook & Twitter) (#18,700)
  • We Deliver a Manual on How to Post and manage your new website. (#FREE)
Instead of #245,250 we deliver expressly for a period of 7 Days, High quality branded website for just #118,700

This offer is time based offer
This is What You Get::
We are Nigeria's No. 1 Professional Search Engine Ranking experts, we have ranked several blogs and brand websites we are very sure and determined that we can not go wrong with yours.
  •  We will Make Full SEO-Audit of Your website send you a manual of correction (#79,500)
  • Make Basic Keyword Research based High Search volume for your website (#40,000)
  •  We will make all SEO-corrections  (on-page) ourselves and send you a manual of all changes made (#48,000)
  • We will Rank your website for 3 Basic Keywords that would be long-tail and rank other pages (#75,000)
  • We will Give You Easy Content Ideas for Your Blog (#22,500)
 GUARANTEE:    If you do not rank for the 3 agree keywords in 30days, we will refund you FULL Payment no questions asked at all..

Cost,#265,000#132,500, for just #79,990
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